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"I first heard Salt Sanctuary on the channel 12 ads exactly 2 years ago and had been having a lot of breathing and pneumonia Birthday was coming up so when my daughters asked what did i want , this was my go and experience the salt cave....I never stopped going, i joined membership and even though I live over an hour away I come as often as I can and it is more difficult in the winter to make the trip but hope I never have to give it up...what a difference in how I feel and I have not had pneumonia since doing this which has been amazing for me as I always had a problem with it....I also started using other spa services and just love the entire SPA AT TRADITIONS !!"- Joyce Zirkel, Norwich, NY

"Going to the Salt Sanctuary as made such a difference in my breathing. It is the best money I have ever spent. It makes me feel better in 50 minutes than any doctor has been able to." - Helen Ballan, Newark Valley, NY

"The Salt Sanctuary was a wonderful place to unwind, breathe deeply and focus on the moment. I truly enjoyed my sessions and the professionalism and helpfulness of the staff was nothing short of outstanding. Although I currently am not attending sessions due to personal considerations, I would recommend anyone trying the Salt Sactuary to see for their self how relaxing and restorative an experience it is." - Jennifer Hart, Endwell, NY

"Just took my 5 year old son yesterday for the first time for his allergies and for the first night in about a week he didn't cough!! Thank you sooo much! I'm looking forward to many more treatments! :)" - Tristyn Ahart, Ithaca, NY

"As a medical professional I was not only interested, but curious as to the benefits and effects the salt cave could offer. The curiosity finally got the best of me and I scheduled my first visit to Salt Sanctuary for late September.  On the day of my visit, it was rainy and I walked in with a nasty sinus headache.  What better time to test the salt cave.  Within five minutes of being in the cave I had my answer as I could already feel my sinuses starting to drain and the headache easing.  The headache was completely gone by the time the session was over.  Still, almost two weeks later I have yet to have a stuff nose or headache and I feel like I am breathing better with no sinus congestion.  Another unexpected result I noticed was that my skin felt like it had been exfoliated. With the fall and winter months upon us I will be regularly returning to the salt cave at Salt Sanctuary." - Sherri Woods, Binghamton, NY



"As an adult with severe allergies, allergy induced asthma and chronic sinusitis, I LOVE Salt Sanctuary!!! I have not used my rescue inhaler once since I started and I feel much better overall.  Breathing is easier!" - Linda Fulton, Johnson City, NY

"My friend invited me to attend the opening of the Salt Sanctuary. It was a great evening.  I had never heard about a salt spa before. We were given the opportunity to experience salt therapy and relaxation in the salt cave. I had no idea what to expect, but suddenly after about 15 minutes, I looked at my friend and said, "I just felt my sinuses clear!" I didn't even realize just how congested I had been until that point. I have many friends with allergy and sinus problems, especially this time of year. I'm going to encourage them to visit the salt spa." - Sue Carpenter, Binghamton, NY



"I had a sinus infection for a long time, and couldn't kick it. So, I came in and tried the Salt Sanctuary. Immediately after I could breathe again." - Colleen Cunningham, Endwell, NY

"My daughter Maia is two and a half. Because she is a toddler in daycare, she tends to get really sick with a snotty nose and congestion.  I decided to bring her to Salt Sanctuary to help. We always try to find natural remedies before going straight to the doctor.  We came in and sat for a 45 minute session. She played with the toys in the salt like she was at the beach and did some drawing on the wall. And the first thing I noticed immediately after we came out was that her runny nose was completely cleared and for about four days she was congestion free and runny nose free. We were really happy and hope to make this part of our normal routine." - Mari Perez-Lewis, Binghamton, NY 


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